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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the fence but not blocking any lanes on 680. 80 is looking good beyond university in berkeley to the macarthur maze and the accident i was talking about the power pole because of the car going through the fence, it is down but fault a bad drive from the central valley and looking good at 20 minutes from dublin/pleasanton to altamont pass. >> the san francisco 49ers could have made super bowl history, almost did, with one of the most extraordinary come back victories in the game but they will have to wait until next year. the ravens went up on the niners 28-6 after jones took the second half kickoff. he goes up the mill, all the way for 108 yards tying an all-time nfl record before a 34-minute power outage and then the niners came back with three touchdowns going with kaepernick pass to crabtree and in the final
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minutes...the niners had three chances to score to take the heed but kaepernick could not connect and the ravens hang on to win 34-31. >> feel like i made too many mistakes for us to win. >> several opportunities and we did not play our best and the ravens made a lot of plays and our guys battled back. >> this was the sixth trip to the super bowl and the first one they have last. >> this morning, niner fans are licking their wounds after the furious come back stopped short of bringing the team victory six and reflecting on turning points like the power outage. katie marzullo is live in new orleans with fan reaction. katie? >> good morning, everyone, i hope you don't mind i sat down. i don't mean i am tired, everyone is tired, but the city, new orleans, feels like it got
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the wind kicked out of it if you are a 49er fan. we are at the cafe, the coffee is a necessity so that needed to happen. the bengneits look delicious but there is no joy. fans last night at the superdome having a good time, super decked out for the game, with so much hope going into the game and so much love and support for the 49ers. it was a great game and that is the sentiment from fans we talked with. >> it was a good game. it started off rough and they started to catch up and it was so close. >> did you thing they had it in. >> yes, i think they did. we thought they did. >> did they blow it? >> no. >> the superdome blew a fuse, so to speak and they say it was
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something to do with the system that caused the power outage but the lights are on here at the cafe and there are raven fans. i talked with them. they admit it was a great game and the 49ers made them very nervous but they are deleader rouse because they have not gone home yet this morning. live in new orleans, i am katie marzullo. >> order an extra plate of bengneits. >> the faithful will be on hand to welcome them back to the bay area and congratulate them on the effort and an amazing season we are live at the san jose international airport. >> fans have to be proud of the 49ers. they will come here to greet their heroes this afternoon as they return to the bay area. we have footage of those south bay faithful yesterday watching the game, they were on the
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roller coaster of pew -- pure joy. the team is moving to santa clara with lifelong fateful and new fans. most went home quietly last night. just a few stopped to talk to us after the game's disappointing conclusion. >> it was a great game. we had a chance. unfortunately we could not do it. >> we could have done better but they showed what they can do. >> i have a feeling they are going to do good next year. they are going to the super bowl again. >> that hope for the next season is exactly why they are calling them the faithful, keeping the faith. for any faithful looking to welcome back the 49ers this afternoon, they are coming here to mineta san jose international airport at 2:15 the scheduled time on a delta charter if you want to welcome them back reporting them live in san jose.
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>> on the other side of the ledger, in baltimore the fans are celebrating the super bowl victory. throughs of fans are erupted in euphoria. you can see a large group filling the streets and cheering and dancing and complete strangers they blocked traffic at times and police on horseback circled crowds to maintain order. there are no reports of problems. and baltimore plans to hold a parade tomorrow in the team's honor. >> confusion of parking in mission district for the super bowl caused some cars to be towed as part of the post super bowl strategy by the police. police wanted the streets in the mission cleared in case they got out of happened but signs on mission between 15th and 24th were only put up less than 24 hours before the restriction took affect and city law requires at at least 24
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hours so a handful of cars were towed when they could not have been. police say those people who were wrongfully towed will be reimbursed. >> when the niners season fades into memory is will candlestick park. the chronicle reports the city will blow up the 69,000-seat stadium weeks of the final game next season because a private developer plans to get started immediately building a retail, residential, and office complex on the land. the 49ers are moving to a new stadium in santa clara. >> oracle will relaunch the yacht that capsized in the san francisco bay. the hull of the boat was damaged in an accident and repair work has been underway since then with a new second wing arriving from new zealand last month. this morning, it will be relaunched from the base located at pier 80 in san francisco.
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>> now a look at the forecast. today, well...maybe spring on thursday. >> okay, our meteorologist is here. >> it could be raining, and we could be dealing with that along with the work and getting back to work. but normalcy is restored in our temperatures that cooled over the weekend and will remain pretty close to average today and tomorrow before the cooling trend on wednesday and the chance of rain on thursday. you can see the next system will stay to the north but we can deal with some of the cloud cover this morning because it will be decreasing as we head into the afternoon. right now, in the north bay valleys, it is hazy for the rest of us, and temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's from now until 7:00 but if you are headed out at lunch dress for increasing sunshine and partly cloudy but mostly sunny by the afternoon and mid-50's at the coast and near 60 for everyone else and mid-40's to low 50's by
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7:00. the pattern shifts tomorrow and temperatures are the same as today with the cooler trend starting wednesday and cooler on thursday, with a chance of light right. now sue has traffic. >> following the roads, the bay bridge toll plaza, cars are streaming through here with no problems, no metering lights and nice ride into san francisco on the upper deck. eastbound 4, there is road work in the lanes until 1:00 o'clock this noon and westbound is looking good moving to pittsburg and otherwise from the central valley we have a little bit of slow traffic up and over the altamont pass but not too bad making your way into dublin/pleasanton. >> 5:10 is the time. a decade of status updates, the through milestone for menlo park's face book. >> mcdonald's has an addition to the happy meals menu and you will t's play:
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a look at the usually traffic in walnut creek area, interstate 680 with tail lights headed southbound. we do not have the volume we will have later in the morning. sue hall is checking the traffic situation with more coming up. >> facebook that changes the world through social networking
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towns nine today. we were introduced to zuckerberg in 2004. he moved facebook to menlo park and launched a $5 billion i.p.o. and now they have over a billion users. there has been a troubled i.p.o. that saw the stock plunge. but now the stock closed on friday under $30 a share. remember it opened at $38 but went to as low as $20. >> conservative lawmakers in the u.k. push to delay a vote on legalizing gay marriage. parliament is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the bill to allow civil and religious same-sex marriage ceremonies. polls show that 70 percent of voters support the bill as did the prime minister cameron. however, cameron's conservative party is divided on it. many party members want to delay the vote until after the next election in 2015. >> many political heavyweights are planning to speak at the funeral of former new york city mayor koch who died friday at age 88. bill clinton will meet with current new york mayor
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bloomberg. the ceremony will be held at the synagogue. joan rivers and elliott spitzer are members. they will announce a train station on lexington avenue will be renamed the mayor ed koch subway station. >> this remain on, the postal service will release a stamp offering rosa parks unveiled in detroit. today would be her 100th birthday. she was arrested in 1955 after refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person in alabama which was a symbol of the civil rights movement. >> mcdonald's is introducing the first new happy meal in a decade, and there is something fishy about it. the biggest burger change is rolling out fish mcbites, cod you can order for your kids or yourself in three sizes, like chicken nuggets but with fish, and is available through march but mcdonald's could bring them back if they prove popular.
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mcdonald's said kids like to dunk in sauces so mcbikes you -- mcbites you can do that. >> do i need to reel you in? >> you do. now a look outside to show you what is going on. 5:15 this morning, we are looking at the beautiful lights on the bay bridge this morning, as they test them out. you can see they are flowing like the wind they look so beautiful dancing there and you can see a lost cloud cover but it is a dry start. live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds out there and lot of low clouds but not much moisture and no drizzle or mist i have seen being reported but if you run into some let me know, it is not that kind of a system right now. moving on and talk about the temperatures, how you dress when you step outside, it should be in the 40's in most areas.
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we still have hold outs in the 30's like novato and covers oakland, as well. here is what is going on, clouds this morning but brighter in the afternoon. we will have cooler days wednesday, thursday, and friday. thursday, chance of light rain. friday, a chance of scattered light showers. not much to hold our hat on but a chance of rain and snow. today, temperatures are close to where they were yesterday, san jose and oakland and santa rosa and concord and san francisco, one to two degrees warmer and fremont one degree cooler than yesterday. temperatures running coolest at the coast where you can see the clouds are mid-to-upper 50's and the warm spot is santa rosa at 63 degrees. around monterey bay we start off cooler but we will end up warmer at 57 because of the sun and
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low-to-mid 60's inland. at the love 30's tonight inland and fremont is 39 and otherwise throw mid-40's through the bay and cloud cover will return tonight. the bulk of the first part of the system you can see it heads to the north because of high pressure, but, after that, it will start the cooling trend and then the entire system will roll how on wednesday with light rain and on the back side of it, cool showers for thursday, cooler on friday, and the warming trend and dry weather for the weekend. >> in san jose, first reports of an accident northbound 87, the parkway, right near 101, and c.h.p. is on the scene saying now the solo vehicle spinout is blocking the center divide. north 87 at 101 could be a problem. mass transit shows everyone on schedule. no delays. so far, so good. the drive times show 580 westbound, highway four from antioch and the east shore freeway, carquinez bridge to the
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macarthur maze under 20 minutes. >> the unexpected blackout is time for the baltimore orioles to shine at super bowl. >> guess who is coming to lunch? the meal that is ready to get the biggest stars in hollywood. >> new technology could help a colony on the moon with a new approach. >> today i am thrilled to welcome two of the oscar-nominated men of "silver lining playbook," and academy award with an emotional discussion about bipolar disorder which affected so many and could be a reason why the movie is resonating with audiences an the country. the men of silver linings playbook coming
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>> good morning, at 5:21 on monday and now, traffic on 101 in san rafael. check out headlights. a hazy glow around the headlights with clouds out there this morning. do we have more moisture? what is the deal with the potential rain come this week? we will check with mike nicco with a lot to talk about and sue hall has the traffic. >> believe it or not not everyone was obsessed with the football, 53 percent of americans did not care who won the match up between the matchers and the ravens but those who do care, 26 percent were rooting for the niners and only 21 percent wanted baltimore to win and a third of americans would not watch the game at all. >> because the nineers lost san francisco mayor lee will pay the
5:21 am
bet with the mayor of baltimore giving a game of service and chowing done on blue crab and issued a statement that reads "again, the san francisco 49ers thrilled the entire bay area with a spectacular performance. the entire team demonstrated what you can accomplish with enough perseverance and teamwork." >> the academy award will honor the oscar contenders today, 160 oscar nominees will gather at the beverly hilton including jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper and daniel day-lewis nominated in the lead actor category. you can see who wins on sunday february 24, when the academy awards are announced live only on abc7. >> did you notice it was cloudy? >> ran it to a small patch of fog but in and out in ten seconds. >> mike?
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>> low clouds out through but you will find that up and down the hills and hazy. the fog is thickest in the north bay valley. 36 to 47 around oakland and san francisco. we will watch for delays at sfo. everyone is fine. near normal this afternoon with increasing sunshine, and partly cloudy this afternoon upper 40's to low 50's. you can see radar looks familiar, right? we still dry. temperature is 50 in tahoe and 57 in yosemite and mid-to-upper 70's for los angeles and palm springs. >> we take a shot of the san mateo bridge, no problems here as you move from hayward to the toll plaza and getting busy with the tail lights headed to foster city area but no significant delays and 15-minute drive from
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hayward to san mateo. here is a look at the toll plaza be it is looking good, and starting to get busy with no metering lights, though. a solo spin intermediate in thest divide, the parkway at highway 101 not blocking a lane with a tow truck called for that. kristen and eric? >> european scientists believe they have a way to officially build a colony on the moon, members say they can use 3-d printing technology to build facilities, this is a manufacturing process that uses layers of material to re-create a digital image, the scientists say their plan used material gathered from the moon so astronauts do not have to shift 9 cost of the materials to the moon, the scientists are running tests in vacuum sealed laboratories to stimulate the conditions on earth's satellite there. >> san jose firefighters respond to a home to put out flames and
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what they discovered that brought out the police. >> the super bowl could be over but it will be memorable from the blackout to the shootout. live to new orleans to re-cap the big game.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news on monday morning. we thank you for joining us, and, yes, this is always next
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year. there is a little fog. >> you always enjoy the ride, maybe not the most enjoyable because of cloud cover and fog and haze especially in the north bay valley. we will focus right there, half a mile in napa and novato and quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa, and in the east bay, 2.5 in cop cord and elsewhere, hazy to cloudy at the coast. so, those are the areas to be concerned about but increasing sunshine today and 53 to 57 at the coast and 58 to 62 at bay and inland, 59 to 63. sue? >> we go to san jose with the accident still in thest divide, north 87 at 101, the parkway where it merges with 101 and the tow truck has been called and they may have to
5:28 am
temporarily block the left lane to get it out but not so much. 680 from 24 to the dublin/pleasanton, a nice drive. if you travel westbound 24 it is 20 minutes and there is the east shore freeway commute. highway 87 in san jose, by julian, the traffic is very light. >> at a time like this we have to see the good, the fans are still looking forward to the next season after the team nearly mounted the greatest come back in super bowl history. the ravens went up on the niners 28-6 after jones took the second half kickoff, boy, he goes up the middle all the way for 108 yards and the touchdown ties the nfl record before a 34-minute power outage. the niners earned back scoring three touchdowns. it included a 15-yard touchdown right there by kaepernick and in the final minutes they have
5:29 am
three chances to score from the five-yard line to take the lead but kaepernick could not connect and some calls were not made that are controversial the ravens hang on to win 34-31. >> we had several opportunities and we did not play our best and the ravens made a lot of plays and our guys battles back. >> there is no greater coach in the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned than jim harbaugh. what they have done in the last two years is wonderful. >> this is the sixth trip for the niners to the super bowl and the first they have lost. >> niners are trying to shake off the loss but they did saw an incredible game. katie marzullo is live in new orleans french quarter with more. how many people are drowning sorrows at the cafe this morning? >> a handful for different reasons, one, i know, did not have a hotel last night so they are waiting to check into a
5:30 am
place this morning but i feel like i was a downer the last half hour by i have had my coffee and in the fresh air on this gorgeous mississippi watching the sun column here in new orleans which just proves there is another day, life goes on, even after the 49ers lose, which is very, very sad. but it was a great dame and you hear people saying it was a great game. in the end, it was a hard-breaking game. >> to get that close and to be there at the five yard line and not to be able to get that ball, that was tough, in addition, of course, we ran out of time. >> the big come back came after the big power outage. early in the second half after half time, the lights went out in the superdome for a full 34
5:31 am
minutes. authorities say it was just an an normality in the system and they are investigating what happened but what a year moment in the super bowl and a turning point for the team. some people saying that killed the mojo of the ravens and gave the super bowls something to do but we know the score. i will not get into it. >> we know the score. thank you. >> san francisco streets have all reopened after a fairly quiet night after the niners lost. there were a few arrests. amy is live in the mission district with a look at the fans' post-game behavior. amy? >> even police thought the 49ers were going to win and they were prepared for celebrations and for rowdiness but look how quiet mission street is this morning, it is cleans peaceful, there is nothing to clean up this morning. the police chief was more proactive than for the world
5:32 am
series. he had extra officers out before the game even ended and they shut down ten blocks of mission street during the game. they had police out on foot, mingling with people, letting them know they were there, but there was no celebration, just consolation. >> it was sad. i am hoping next year, we got close last year and this year we made it and next year we should be winning. >> police reported that some people threw bottles at them and they said that one man did try to start a fire but police moved in on that activity quickly and shut it down. they made about 25 arrests for public intoxication, and they will have the final numbers for us later this morning. we are reporting live in san francisco for amy hollyfield for abc 15 should report. >> gang violence could be to blame for the 4th hop side -- fourth homicide of the year at
5:33 am
an elementary school. a person was found dead at the seen and a second was hospitalized and spented to survive. police have a not identified the shooter. >> san jose police are investigating a fire at a marijuana grow house that broke out at midnight. no one was home at the time. firefighters broke down a garage door to put out the fire believed to have started in the electric box. in the house they found up to 400 marijuana plants which police have seized as evidence. it is estimated 4,700 worth of stolen power was used to grow the marijuana. >> the death toll in a horrific bus crash in southern california stands at eight but it is expected to claim. the tour bus hit a car and a pickup truck on a mountainside road 80 miles east of los angeles. the driver reported having brake problems just before the crash. 27 people were injured.
5:34 am
the but was carrying a group from mexico. the road is still closed this morning. >> this morning, police are asking for the public's help in investigating the death of a 13-year-old girl. the girl's naked body was found in a park on friday morning. the girl's body showed no obvious signs of trauma. investigators say the weekend was spent going door-to-door. the girl lived in a foster home and say the guardian reported her missing thursday night. >> four murder suspects accused in a deadly home invasion robbery in silicon valley will enter a plea when they return to court today. a entrepreneur was found murdered in his mansion in november. his wife had been assaulted. three suspects are accused of murder, and another suspect is a prostitute who had a relationship with the entrepreneur. court documents found by abc
5:35 am
paint the entrepreneur's business dealings in an unsavory light with accusations he tried to hide millions in assets from the business partners. >> there is a missing man in santa rosa last seen saturday morning entering a state park and that night someone saw a map of the man's christmas and -- description and he was maked and chanting. he is described as white, 6' 6", thin, with sandy brown hair. >> now the forecast. how about the clouds this morning? >> the cloud cover is getting thicker as we head through the morning and more wide-spread as we watch the next system move to our north. this system is going to be pushed that way by high pressure and you can see a little bit of it right there, over land and over the ocean. that is keeping us from being wet today, unlike the pacific northwest. we will talk about temperatures
5:36 am
how you dress when you step out, in the upper 30's and concord and livermore and los gatos and low-to-mid 40's in other neighborhoods and we have 48 in san francisco, and 51 in oakland for the warm spot. today, we will start off around 39 to 45, and we will see increasing sunshine as we head throughout the day, and low-to-mid 50's are the lunch time temperatures. if you hanging around outside and stuff is blooming in the yard, not bad at mid-50's to around 60, and we will have mid-40's to low 50's at 7:00. tomorrow, the temperatures are the same but the cooling comes in for wednesday and cooler with a first chance of light rain in a long time on thursday. sue? >> we are going to the sonoma area, near the sonoma raceway a hit-and-run accident with a car on the right hand shoulder and we do not see major delays for the time being. we will keep you posted on that.
5:37 am
back to san jose, north 87 at 101, a tow truck on the scene to get the spin out of the center delays with brief delays moving northbound, and here is a look at your traffic commute, 87, as we showed you and 85 to 101, less than ten minutes, and from hayward to san mateo, under 20 minutes and 880 from 238 to the macarthur maze and the northbound direction just over 15 minutes. kristen and eric? >> coming up, bay area travelers will have a new way to get so southern california, the new route just announced. >> but, first, girl power rules at the super bowl. the half time hits from beyonce lighting up the internet.
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is 5:42 and these are pictures of the state department in washington, dc, as they await the arrival of the new secretary of state, john kerry, who will be introducing himself to his agency's employees. he arrive add the state department a few minutes ago. he spent the weekend making phone calls to world leaders,
5:41 am
particularly assuring israeli and palestinian leaders the obama administration will continue to pursue a middle east peace agreement while recognizing the individual concerns of both sides. john kerry was sworn in on friday the same day that hillary clinton stepped down as secretary of state so she could pursue other interests and the obama administration's second term she will be a private citizen. >> president obama is campaigning to gun reform laws outside of washington, dc. he will meet with law enforcement in minneapolis about reducing gun violence. the president will pitch the plan to ban assault weapons and install universal background checks. key members of the administration are focusing on immigration reform today. homeland security secretary napolitano will talk about streamlining citizenship process. >> today the boy scouts could end a ban on gays.
5:42 am
the scout leaders are meeting in texas to discuss replacing the ban with a policy to let individual troops determine their own policy locally. on sunday, president obama praised the boy scouts as a great institution and serves a honorary president of the organization. he hopes leaders will vote to make it more inclusive. >> in london, tourists witnessed chaos during the ritual of changing of the guards outside the palace, the normal calm was shattered by this man with knives, holding one to his own neck when we he refused to put them down, the police moved in taking him down with a taser. tourists posted the captured drama on youtube. (inaudible). >> police say the man is believed in his 50's. they have not released any other information. queen elizabeth and prince philip were not inside the palace at the time.
5:43 am
>> twitter continues to play a bigger role in the super bowl. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> companies scramble to make light of the unexpected blackout at the super bowl by tweeting power outage and the company behind oreos were had the tag line "you can still dunk in the dark," and it was pre-treated 14,000 times during the game. the energy company is investigating the cause of the outage. if you are not sick of the super bowl pizza, there will be pizza sliders at 3.5" in diameter they are smaller than personal pies. they will be offered for flow from 4:00 to 7:00 at participating stores tomorrow. the commerce department says tomato growers from mexico will revise a pact so do not worry about the prices going sky-high.
5:44 am
the united states imported $2 billion of tomatoes from mexico in 2011. >> among the many records set at the super bowl was one that had fingers flying at half time. >> one, two, three, four. >> beyonce reunited with the members of destiny's child and twitter universe blew up experiencing 270,000 related tweets a minute during the event. that is six million tweets altogether. beyonce then revealed details of the next tour which will bring her here to san jose's h.p. pavilion july 2nd. orcines dense -- coincidence that the power went out after the show? >> they looked good. >> they did. >> how is the weather?
5:45 am
>> not that electric but it will be later on if we get rain which we need, but this morning, you can see the dancing lights on the bay bridge. it looks like wind flowing through and maybe some snow if you think hard, blowing across there because that is as close as we ever get but for every 50 years. now, live doppler 7 hd shows clouds right now on live doppler 7 hd with no rain falling from the clouds, and our best chance of rain is thursday and friday, and updated the temperatures, and they got updates from concord and novato and los gatos and livermore, 38 and 39, and rest of us are in the 40's and oakland is 51 but cooler in the south with less cloud cover, and 38 to 39 for salinas and everyone else in the monterey bay. we have clouds this morning and we will watch sfo and san jose and oakland but no delays so
5:46 am
far. it will be brighter headed through the day with decreasing clouds and increasing sunshine. our coolest days are ahead of us on wednesday, thursday, friday, with light rain on thursday, and rain on friday, a chance, and the weekend, we will be warmer. we are three degrees warmer than average in livermore and oakland, and spot on in redwood city and san jose and napa and san francisco one to two degrees cooler. the temperature is 57 at half moon bay, the cool spot, and 63 in santa rosa, and half moon bay cooler this morning but warmer this afternoon at 57 and low-to-mid 60's this afternoon inland. 30's from fremont, inland valleys, 42 in antioch for the warm spot inland, and 41 in san rafael and low-to-mid 50's, or 40's around the bay shore to the
5:47 am
coast. high pressure right now deflecting the next system to the north that will it is out this and as it does you can see the cooling trend on wednesday and a chance for rain thursday and scattered showers friday and warm and dry on saturday and sunday. >> back to sonoma a hit-and-run accident at the raceway looks like it is out of lanes and not affecting highway 37 as you make your way over to novato, eastbound 580 the ramp to east fruitvale a couple of big pieces of metal blocking the lanes, or in the lanes there and drivers are swerving to avoid that she a heads-up and first report of an accident southbound at scott creek road and we have this accident north 87 the parkway in san jose at 101 in the clearing stages. >> through details this morning in the alabama hostage drama that now is in the 7th day, the kidnappers is keeping the five-year-old hostage as comfort administration possible.
5:48 am
the boy is onlied only by his first name, ethan. his captor allowed negotiators to send in medicine. he has demand add reporter be sent to speak to him at the bunker and 500 people turned out yesterday for a funeral for the bus driver who was gunned down while trying to protect ethan and the other kids. >> the man accused of killing one of the most skilled snipers in history is identified as a fellow iraq war veteran would was shot with a friend at pointblank range. they went to a range to help a former marine believed to suffer from ptsd. the suspect was arrested in dallas where police found a semi-automatic handgun believed to be the murder weapon. >> new airline route coming to a bay area airport. >> will your co-workers have a
5:49 am
super bowl hangover? the impact of the big game on workplaces around the country today. >> not guilty. >> coming up at 6:00, blackout, beyonce, commercials and, yes, a football game. we rank the top five buzz worthy we rank the top five buzz worthy mo [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> a new study suggests it gets
5:52 am
bet federal gay teens as far as bullying. researchers found as they got older the name-calling, and threats and violence faced by these teens dropped off. more than half at the start of the 4,100 surveyed were bullied. by age 19 the none dropped to nine percent. the study is in today's journal of pediatrics. >> bosses, you may see more workers coming in late or not at all today. you can thank the super bowl. more people are sick or late today than any other day of the year. a study estimates that over four million people will come to work late today with absences related to the super bowl high among young adults at 1.5 million will not come in at all calling in sick. what do people who are not football fans watch on super bowl sunday? animal planet has the puppy bowl, the lovable lineup is called a ruf-est game open four
5:53 am
legs playing with two toys until one makes it to the end zone with a winner and an mvp along with a kitty half time show and head hodge cheerleaders. we talked about people calling in sick and there is a petition on the white house website asking for the day after the super bowl be declared a national holiday. >> good hung -- luck with that. mike? >> maybe they can move it back to saturday? so people can have sunday to recover. >> we need a day to recover here. >> too bad. a great ride, though, for many disappointing national championship games you have to enjoy the ride. it is a learning expense. here we go, mostly cloudy this morning up to 47, and near normal this afternoon, 57 to 63. this evening is 47 to 52 degrees and delightful.
5:54 am
today, mid-60's through the central valley, 50 at tahoe and 57 at yosemite, clouds in san diego and 64 but mid-to-upper 70's for palm spring and los angeles. >> debris, metal sheet, eastbound 580 to the rank to fruitvale. southbound 680 at scott creek road reports of an accident on the on-ramp at fremont. and north 87, at 101, the center divide, tow truck on the scene and a new stall eastbound 24 before 51st blobbing -- blocking the left lane. >> a new airline will land at san jose international airport, virgin america say will as of may 1 they will offer daily service to los angeles, home base for the five-year-old virgin america and will offer
5:55 am
four flights from san jose to los angeles each day, mercury news reporting that the silicon valley leaders hope this will lead virgin america to offer flights to other cities out of san jose. >> soon, you may no need to look for quarters to pay for parking in san francisco because the city could replace the new parking meters that take different forms of payment and offer different hourly rates. the new devices that are only four years old could be replaced, contractors are expected to submit bids next month with no estimate on the cost. >> coming up on 5:57, one harbaugh brother is waking up a champ and the other is not. ahead at 6:00, brothers jim and john talk about the nail biter. >> raven fans celebrate the big win and the problems that led to on streets of baltimore. >> celebrations. >> later, setting the record
5:56 am
straight, the daughter of boxing message end muhammad ali goes on twitter to reveal the truth about her father's health. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
5:57 am
fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate.
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♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:59. by determination we will make this a good day. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike how is the weather forecast? >> we will talk about what is going on. we have visibility that is low. temperatures are mile. we will start with those that are creating the mild temperatures, the cloud cover. the radar shows live doppler 7 hd spinning on top of mt. st. helena with no rain on our parade, so to speak. as far as dealing with the
5:59 am
temperatures, we are mostly in the 40's, but we have a few areas in the 30's places like concord and nest oh -- novato and livermore, but oakland is the exception, the warm spot at 51. the poorest visibility is around napa and novato at half mile and 2.5 miles in concord and quarter-mile visibility in livermore. increasing sunshine today in the afternoon. mid-50's at the coast. upper 50's and low 60's for the rest of us. >> the commute is looking good with a couple of problem spots. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights and cash paying folks are backing up on both sides of the toll plaza and traffic is getting sluggish on the upper deck. southbound 680 at scott creek in fremont, partly blocking the off-ramp and tow truck on the scene and north 87 at north


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